What did you say? “Life is life, things change” repeated my 8 year old son. I’m on my way to the sitter before heading in to work and out of nowhere he makes this statement and it amazes me. So let’s say all the way to work I’m pondering this statement and am a proud Mommy that an 8 year old gets it! Change is a harsh reality that many adults wrestle with and somehow he’s accepted that life is life and things will change.
One thing we can be assured of is change. Like my son, I understood change at any early age having experienced the separation and eventual divorce of my parents and how change occurred both for the good and bad. But it wasn’t crystallized until I began my career as a teacher. Just when I’d completed the year confidently because I’d mastered the objectives, change knocked! New textbooks, new curriculum standards, new administrators, new students, and you could have one or them all on any given year!
Welcomed or unwelcomed, change IS! On my current job, I welcome change and perform favorably to the challenges thrown at me. I remember hearing about teachers who’d been in the same classroom teaching the same subject for 30 YEARS and I knew that wasn’t for me! Really? I couldn’t stay in classroom for one week without the secretary hunting me down and we’d have class in the gym, out under the bus pavilion, or in the stands of football stadium lol. The students could hardly breathe in some teacher classes, at that time I HATED silence. I would keep my door open when administering tests to hear footsteps in the hallway, a locker slamming, occasional laughs, but remember change IS. Now I welcome those times I can break away and be alone with the thoughts I’d once run from.
I pride myself in keeping an open mind being able to learn from anyone or any situation so for the reminder, thank you son.


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