What’s On Your Heart

Lord what’s on Your heart, what do You have to say? What window of opportunity have You placed before me today to honor You? Speak Lord; I’m here waiting on You? I know that so many times I’ve gone on and done what I thought was right or what I felt was needed at the time without sitting at Your feet, waiting for Your leading. Open my ears, quicken me within. I’m tired of shutting You out, afraid of what I may hear or what You may require of me. Lord I’ve closed You off and forced my own way but I now realize doing good things doesn’t mean it’s God things or what YOU would have me to do? Lord, what’s on Your heart? What concerns do You have, how can I help? What can I do: Who Lord? Where Lord? When Lord? Forgive me for just assuming what it is that You require of me and not taking the time to ask You.
Lord I humble myself before You this morning, what’s on Your heart?”


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