Tuesday Delight

tuesdayI remember a preacher saying
when you know where you’re going
the world steps aside and lets you pass.
I strongly agreed and your girl was focused.
WELL he forgot to mention that logic only works
6 days out of the week and ALL is fair on Tuesdays!
Minding MY business, preparing to wow the class
fire presentation on deck and in walks “the world”
or I’ll call him Mr. Tuesday.
Now wait, I didn’t get the memo
you weren’t here last week, you can’t just pop in on a sister.
Your enemy knows what you like, how you like it and he delivers:
6’5 225 and dipped in chocolate*_*
Boy the devil doesn’t play fair
waits around for you declaration
and just when you’re all in
he comes in for the kill.
Ok focus, repeat “step aside world”
But how can I not behold all this awesomeness,
this is God’s creation so shouldn’t that count as praise?
The Bible says temptation isn’t sin until you give in
so I’m holding on, well at least until next Tuesday….


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