I am NOT the Father!


Today it seems like a badge of honor
for a woman to proclaim
“I’m your mother AND your father!”

Yes I understand many fathers have willingly gone astray
leaving mothers working overtime and often without pay.

The Word of God declares we’re snared by the words of our mouth
so does that mean declaring I’m the mother and the father
strips the man of his responsibility and potential clout?

Nah my brother, I’m only accountable for Me,
using the wisdom of God, being the best MOTHER I can be.

If you are the Mother and the Father, respectfully I don’t judge,
But I’m good in my created role, heels dug in, and I won’t budge.

Yes I’ve been the source, sustainer, provider, and trainer
but I rejoice in knowing God will call home to roost
those who ARE the fathers
but choose to be deserters, abandoners, forsakers,and renegers….


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