Sophisticated, immeasurably educated
can shine in the board room
then escape to my prayer closet and get a prayer through.
Able to transcend the stereotypes but don’t push me…
Born in the south, da boot, the dirty dirty, Lousiana that is!
Got my finger-snapping, neck-rolling, and eye-batting game on lock.
I’m a devout believer in the laying on of hands,
getting it in old school, don’t need a glock.
On occasion have been ignorant to time and place
going Lawanda in a New York second
but I own it, it’s all me, not attributed to my race.
Tug-of-warring between sophistication and ratchet, Terrell Star coined it perfectly: Sophisti-Ratchet!
Yes I’m ratchet, he ratchet, she ratchet, we ALL got some ratchet in us.


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