Written words
Spoken words
Unspoken words
Unintelligible words


Books are LIFE! My children love trips to Barnes and Noble, just not when it’s busy so they can imagine it’s their own secret sanctuary. I too love a good novel, biography, poetry books…. The feeling when a line hits you at a fire poetry slam and you snap your fingers in agreement, like saying Amen when the pastor’s sure ‘nuf preaching the word. Spoken art on full display. We’ve all in one way or another have experienced “The Look” My kids know it, I know it. All my Mom did was give me the look, no words spoken, but I knew EXACTLY what she was saying in that moment. Now let’s not forget “The Look” when it comes from your bae or boo, hubby or wifey! No words spoken as well but you also know EXACTLY what he or she is saying and it’s on. A mere moan, grunt, or sigh that comes from within which speaks volumes. Never underestimate the power of one word: STOP NO FIRE GO AMEN JESUS NOW BRILLIANT AMAZING FLAWLESS WHOLE PEACE………..
Words, words, words……….