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Let’s FALL!

It’s FALL Season!

What time could be more perfect for capturing the magnificent splendor of God’s handiwork than Autumn or the Fall season. The earth is tilting away from the sun as it’s in transition from Summer to Winter. Fall is that in between time: the process!
Leaves are beginning to change colors and you can behold the most beautiful array of reds, golds, yellows, ambers, etc. Caught up in the beauty you’d likely forget the leaves are actually dying and those beautiful colors we see are a result of the leaf stem being cut off from it’s water supply and nutrients.
Could there possibly be beauty in death? YES! In Psalm 116:15 it’s written “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.” We often hear this verse read at funerals but the psalmist was experiencing a spiritual death where he’d come to the end of himself and cried out to the Lord who not only heard him but delivered him: Hallelujah!!!
In this season, let’s ALL FALL! Fall deeper in love with God and His word. Fall in love with His promises towards us. Fall in love with “the process” and trust that what He requires us to cut off is for our good and His glory!

“Deck thyself now with majesty and excellency; and array thyself with glory and beauty.” Job 40:10 kjv


Written words
Spoken words
Unspoken words
Unintelligible words


Books are LIFE! My children love trips to Barnes and Noble, just not when it’s busy so they can imagine it’s their own secret sanctuary. I too love a good novel, biography, poetry books…. The feeling when a line hits you at a fire poetry slam and you snap your fingers in agreement, like saying Amen when the pastor’s sure ‘nuf preaching the word. Spoken art on full display. We’ve all in one way or another have experienced “The Look” My kids know it, I know it. All my Mom did was give me the look, no words spoken, but I knew EXACTLY what she was saying in that moment. Now let’s not forget “The Look” when it comes from your bae or boo, hubby or wifey! No words spoken as well but you also know EXACTLY what he or she is saying and it’s on. A mere moan, grunt, or sigh that comes from within which speaks volumes. Never underestimate the power of one word: STOP NO FIRE GO AMEN JESUS NOW BRILLIANT AMAZING FLAWLESS WHOLE PEACE………..
Words, words, words……….

Unexpected Valentine’s Treat

“Mommy may we go to IHOP for Valentine’s Day?” Out of all the restaurants in Rocket Center, IHOP it was, their day Mom pays. In celebratory fashion I expected them to order the red velvet pancakes or little heart shaped pancakes topped with strawberries and whipped cream but they stuck to the usual: my daughter pancakes with eggs scrambled hard, my oldest cheeseburger and fries, meat and cheese only, though he ate my daughter’s side of bacon but NOT on his burger! And my baby a bacon cheeseburger plain with onion rings that he made known he would not be sharing, happy was he that grandma didn’t come along because “the last time she ate too many of my onion rings.”vd3

After dinner I’d planned a surprise trip out to Bridge Street, specifically to It’s Sugar, I hadn’t bought the traditional Valentine’s Day sweets choosing rather to let them pick out their own candy which I knew wouldn’t go to waste. It was getting close to bedtime at this point but we’re already out so we’re ALL IN! Strapped with holiday cash from grandma, it’s on. Reighan has to go to her FAVORITE store, Justice, just in case there’s something she wants more than candy: It’s Sugar wins! Reggie and I want ice cream so we head to Maggie Moos. Ice cream, yogurts, fruit, candy, and nuts galore and all he wants is vanilla ice cream with white chocolate chips. I’m like you sure you don’t want sprinkles, or gummy bears, but very much like his laid back personality he doesn’t need all the thrills, he just wants what he wants so plain it is. I settle for coconut ice cream with caramel and pecans. On to It’s Sugar, the candy playground, where my little bosses, the thrill seekers, are in charge and get to choose what and how much they want.vd2

Headed back to the car and my daughter has to go the restroom. There’s restaurants around but we’re parked by Barnes and Noble so it would be an easy in and out and off to the house because sleep awaits. 30 minutes later and they don’t want to leave! Their eyes more lit in the bookstore than they’d been in our previous stops. Now it wasn’t their first time in a bookstore, books are a staple in our home, but it was their first time in this particular location and they loved it. They were caught up and I as well not realizing they’d wandered off, my baby found the Thomas the Train play table in Barnes and Noble Jr. My daughter’s into Japanese comics so she’s taken in with the manga section. My gamer finds the Legos and The Legend of Zelda series. Soon each had a book they wanted, eager to spend their own money to get it, definitely a first!VD1.png

What initially was a necessary inconvenience turned out to be the highlight of our date. It was their favorite moment! While getting dressed for school, the books they’d seen and the series they anticipated reading consumed their conversations. So if you’re looking for us Saturday, we’re going in for seconds of our unexpected treat………

Misty Blues

Life happens to the best of us

doesn’t discriminate by race, age, or gender.

Nor does it respect your wealth, social status, or political affiliation.

Often life will appear to be winning

and you’ll probably catch of your enemies

off in the shadows skinning and grinning.

But be reminded that joy will come in the morning,

what morning, who knows?

But use that knowledge as motivation to fight, punch, kick, and scratch,

until your victory within shows.

Unfinished Business

I remember the dream vividly as if it happened yesterday.
Finally,this is why I’ve fought the good fight of faith and endured.
But why was I not happy?
I’m in Your arms and we’re journeying together,
the sky’s a shade of blue I’d never imagined,
with stars like diamonds blanketed within.
This is really happening but You sense my sadness.
My mind’s consumed with my family I’m leaving behind
those who haven’t embraced the truth,
haven’t tasted and seen Your goodness
but being a loving Father, You oblige.
My work’s not done…


Thirst Quencher


“All these things I will give you if you will fall down and worship me.”

Unlike Christ who rejected when shown the kingdoms of the world, many of us tempted by the devil, have never come down from that exceedingly high mountain.

Our thirst for greatness in man’s eyes, has cause us to pitch a tent next to its fountain.

A spring issuing all of our heart’s desire and in ignorance we consume, unbeknownst that our indulgences will eventually become unquenchable.

The plan has always been to hurt, abuse, reject, then catch us slipping, hung-over, from a life consumed with dipping and sipping of that fountain.

When we choose to make this walk about us, we’re stuck opening doors and holding them open, chasing dreams to make the world notice when in reality significance and promotion comes from God.

We were purchased of God, bought with a price, created in His image, made a joint heir with Christ.

Don’t be fooled by that which never satisfies, creating a bigger hole, having you craving the next high.

Commit your ways to God, let Him cause them to prosper, sip from never-ending wells, become rivers of living of water.