Say it Loud: I’m Thick and I’m Proud!

Yes I am pretty for a big girl but I am so much more!
Essence is her name; she emerges, basking in all of her glory
a comforting smile graces her face.
Undeniable beauty, smooth, caramel-colored skin, almond shaped eyes,
fierce cheek bones, and thick, black, naturally curly hair.
She celebrates her curves, embraces the meat on her bones.
At peace with her body,
Big and Beautiful,
Thick and Fab
Loving every inch.


Unusual Beauty

unusual beauty

Continent to continent, country to country, culture to culture,
beauty defined, is as infinite as the stars in the sky,
the sand on the sea shore.

An array of characteristics to be celebrated: Dark-skinned, fair-skinned, elongated necks, skinny, curves, tattoos, big eyes, long black hair, long blond hair, short curly hair, long coiled hair, pointy nose, excessive jewelry, tribal scars….

And here in the West, what you didn’t get from nature can be achieved by knife through plastic surgery, implants, hair extensions,
all in efforts to attain: BEAUTY.

Every “beauty” should be celebrated!
Inner acceptance of your outer glory
is what catches the beholder’s eye…

Tuesday Delight

tuesdayI remember a preacher saying
when you know where you’re going
the world steps aside and lets you pass.
I strongly agreed and your girl was focused.
WELL he forgot to mention that logic only works
6 days out of the week and ALL is fair on Tuesdays!
Minding MY business, preparing to wow the class
fire presentation on deck and in walks “the world”
or I’ll call him Mr. Tuesday.
Now wait, I didn’t get the memo
you weren’t here last week, you can’t just pop in on a sister.
Your enemy knows what you like, how you like it and he delivers:
6’5 225 and dipped in chocolate*_*
Boy the devil doesn’t play fair
waits around for you declaration
and just when you’re all in
he comes in for the kill.
Ok focus, repeat “step aside world”
But how can I not behold all this awesomeness,
this is God’s creation so shouldn’t that count as praise?
The Bible says temptation isn’t sin until you give in
so I’m holding on, well at least until next Tuesday….

The Beauty of the Beast

Many times I’ve sung “For Every Mountain” by Kurt Carr during worship, needing the assurance the task before me was attainable, like those prior, through the grace of God I’d somehow conquered. Mountains are synonymous with a CHALLENGE. Whether it’s the challenge of mountain climbing and those who’ve heroically endured the elements to accomplish such a feat, those despite their valiant efforts who’ve succumbed to said elements or the challenge of a spiritual or internal mountain that would require an equal amount of heroic effort to overcome. Its beauty is inviting, its mystic draws you in as it basks in its own glory where you’d forget how daunting the challenge could become. The beauty of this beast makes you forget about those who’ve attempted and failed, you embrace the risks, willing to shoot your shot. Perfectly embodying life, a portrait of the peaks and valleys along its way, the reassurance of fresh waters to sustain you, a reminder that trouble doesn’t last always. For EVERY mountain you face, remember those you once thought were insurmountable……….