A forgotten treasure in a Me, Myself, and I era.
Where there’s no genuine concern for the sufferings of the unfortunate.
Only selfish pursuits of unsatisfying gains,
willfully turning a blind eye and a cold shoulder
numb to the groans from people’s pains.
It will require you to take your eyes of you to alleviate other’s distress,
but those seeds of grace once planted,
sets your inner soul at rest.



Uncommon Warfare

love conquers all.jpg
It’s human nature when hurt, offended, or wronged
to pull away from the thing/person causing the hurt.
Blame self preservation and its mission to protect “Me” first,
that innate ability to erect a wall blocking out all pain and fear.
We can effortlessly withhold our compassion
as if the love of God does not reside within.
But in that moment God calls us out of the ordinary to do the unordinary:
Even if justified and the acts are unfair, we’re called to be exceptional.
Called out, set apart, remarkable, the Bible calls it: Peculiar!
Uncharacteristically is how we’re expected to respond.
The Word of God reminds us the world will know we’re his by how we LOVE.
So when we’re tempted and have every right to throw up a wall
let’s use these tools of uncommon warfare:
Hug, Smile, Encourage, Motivate, Challenge, Comfort,
Admonish, Kiss, Inspire, Forgive…..