Unfinished Business

I remember the dream vividly as if it happened yesterday.
Finally,this is why I’ve fought the good fight of faith and endured.
But why was I not happy?
I’m in Your arms and we’re journeying together,
the sky’s a shade of blue I’d never imagined,
with stars like diamonds blanketed within.
This is really happening but You sense my sadness.
My mind’s consumed with my family I’m leaving behind
those who haven’t embraced the truth,
haven’t tasted and seen Your goodness
but being a loving Father, You oblige.
My work’s not done…



Today I Cried, and I Liked It!


I didn’t want to, tried to fight it, but somehow I felt it was required of me.
It wasn’t a selfish sacrifice but an earnest plea for many who find themselves in distress.
I cried for fatherless sons and daddyless daughters.
I cried for children left motherless, without her nurturing power, whom diseases have come and robbed, stolen, killed, and destroyed.
I cried because those once trusted to lead by example, pillars in the community, have now become crooked preachers, teachers, and leaders.
I cried because of the reality of living in a world where wrong is right and evil is good, where those with impure motives and evil intentions have become the majority.
The reality that living with standards makes you “judgmental” because of that I cried.
I cried because of family secrets, kept secret, which now haunts the next generation.
When I think of the innocent people that I’ve hurt, albeit knowingly or unknowingly, on the road to “there” I cried.
I cried because harm now adorned in help’s clothing, is deceiving even the very elect.
The realization I’m living in the prophetic word that warned: with the increase of wickedness, the love of many would grow cold, I cried…