Thirst Quencher


“All these things I will give you if you will fall down and worship me.”

Unlike Christ who rejected when shown the kingdoms of the world, many of us tempted by the devil, have never come down from that exceedingly high mountain.

Our thirst for greatness in man’s eyes, has cause us to pitch a tent next to its fountain.

A spring issuing all of our heart’s desire and in ignorance we consume, unbeknownst that our indulgences will eventually become unquenchable.

The plan has always been to hurt, abuse, reject, then catch us slipping, hung-over, from a life consumed with dipping and sipping of that fountain.

When we choose to make this walk about us, we’re stuck opening doors and holding them open, chasing dreams to make the world notice when in reality significance and promotion comes from God.

We were purchased of God, bought with a price, created in His image, made a joint heir with Christ.

Don’t be fooled by that which never satisfies, creating a bigger hole, having you craving the next high.

Commit your ways to God, let Him cause them to prosper, sip from never-ending wells, become rivers of living of water.


The Beauty of the Beast

Many times I’ve sung “For Every Mountain” by Kurt Carr during worship, needing the assurance the task before me was attainable, like those prior, through the grace of God I’d somehow conquered. Mountains are synonymous with a CHALLENGE. Whether it’s the challenge of mountain climbing and those who’ve heroically endured the elements to accomplish such a feat, those despite their valiant efforts who’ve succumbed to said elements or the challenge of a spiritual or internal mountain that would require an equal amount of heroic effort to overcome. Its beauty is inviting, its mystic draws you in as it basks in its own glory where you’d forget how daunting the challenge could become. The beauty of this beast makes you forget about those who’ve attempted and failed, you embrace the risks, willing to shoot your shot. Perfectly embodying life, a portrait of the peaks and valleys along its way, the reassurance of fresh waters to sustain you, a reminder that trouble doesn’t last always. For EVERY mountain you face, remember those you once thought were insurmountable……….