Misty Blues

Life happens to the best of us

doesn’t discriminate by race, age, or gender.

Nor does it respect your wealth, social status, or political affiliation.

Often life will appear to be winning

and you’ll probably catch of your enemies

off in the shadows skinning and grinning.

But be reminded that joy will come in the morning,

what morning, who knows?

But use that knowledge as motivation to fight, punch, kick, and scratch,

until your victory within shows.


No Longer the Victim

You know what, you’re right, Poor You!
Life has been unkind, unbearably unfair
you didn’t deserve HALF of what you suffered.
But at what point do you accept what is,
what has happened or currently happening,
and in spite of, choose to go forth?
Calling it for what it is
and begin living the life you deserve?

Life happens to us all
unfortunately no one is exempt!
But you’re not to sad about it
because you’ve benefitted from being the victim
and have amassed a crew of enablers
willing to wail along with you.
Hell I’ll bring my 99 problems to the party
and we can dance the night away
but who benefits?

Your favorite cry has become “woe is me”
but the untapped potential, hidden power within you
anxiously awaits for the world to know and behold

Drop the burdens
charge it to the game
and embrace what can be changed today!
Begin writing your new story…


The Beauty of the Beast

Many times I’ve sung “For Every Mountain” by Kurt Carr during worship, needing the assurance the task before me was attainable, like those prior, through the grace of God I’d somehow conquered. Mountains are synonymous with a CHALLENGE. Whether it’s the challenge of mountain climbing and those who’ve heroically endured the elements to accomplish such a feat, those despite their valiant efforts who’ve succumbed to said elements or the challenge of a spiritual or internal mountain that would require an equal amount of heroic effort to overcome. Its beauty is inviting, its mystic draws you in as it basks in its own glory where you’d forget how daunting the challenge could become. The beauty of this beast makes you forget about those who’ve attempted and failed, you embrace the risks, willing to shoot your shot. Perfectly embodying life, a portrait of the peaks and valleys along its way, the reassurance of fresh waters to sustain you, a reminder that trouble doesn’t last always. For EVERY mountain you face, remember those you once thought were insurmountable……….